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          Piece of Innovation
          Piece of Innovation
          Piece of Innovation
          Piece of Innovation

          Japanese-style manufacturing once took the world by storm.
          The essential value of Japan’s quality manufacturing lies in its ceaseless pursuit for quality and the cultivation and passing down of techniques ? in other words, the capability for human resources development.
          The mission of the nms Holdings Group is to further enhance the values of Japanese manufacturing and human resources development of Japan, support the growth of industries, and contribute toward the formation of a sustainable society.
          An idea or a product does not pay as a business no matter creative or groundmaking it may be, unless the resources and systems for materializing and producing it exist.
          That is why the nms Holdings Group is determined to become and remain an entity indispensable for companies in many business fields that work with growth industries in Japan and abroad, and to continue designing, proposing and supplying the human resources, partnerships and products that are truly needed, keeping a keen eye on the current situations and the future.

          Piece of Innovation.

          To become a piece indispensable to cutting a path toward the next generation, Now, the nms Holdings Group is taking a new step forward.


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